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Error Trying To Backup To Remote Drive

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I'm trying to get Retrospect to do a duplicate over my local network to a drive mounted on another machine. Retrospect sees the drive and begins the duplicate process, but as each file copies over, Retrospect throws this error: FscSetNodeInfo: chown(2) failed, error -1, path: /Volumes/CoolMax1/file_name. "CoolMax1" is the name of the remote drive. "file_name" is whatever file is being duplicated. The files are being copied successfully - they exist, and they are readable on the remote drive. Any ideas as to what this error means would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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It's important to note that you're Destination is a remote volume, not a remote drive.


Remote volumes are accessed via a file sharing protocol. And while OS X supports multiple such protocols (SMB, AFP, NFS), Retrospect only supports AFP (Apple Fileshare Protocol).


It's also important that you follow the guidlines outlined in the ReadMe regarding accessing mounted volumes for use with Retrospect.



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