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Catalog rebuild never finishes

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Hi all,


I am trying to recreate the catalog file from tape.


PowerMac G4, OS 10.4.6, Retrospect 6.1, with current driver updates. AIT2 drive connected via SCSI, Atto UL3S, with current drivers.


Recatalog starts fine, but it just keep going. Currently it's been 3 days, and it is still on the first tape. File count is up tp 1352594, 980G of data (on 1 tape...), the busy light is still flashing on the drive, and the file names still changes in the status window.


This is the second time I have tried to recreate the catalog file. The first time it went all weekend and the same thing happened. Still on the first tape, and never stops and never even got to ask for the next tape.


What is going on? Any suggestions?


Thanks, Ed

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If the drive light is flashing and the Retropsect status window is still updating, the catalog rebuild is still happening.


How much RAM do you have installed? Are there any other apps running? If you go to Activity Monitor, what does it show for CPU usage, RAM usage, and VM usage?


On what drive is this catalog file being stored?


How fast are the files updating in the status window? Were they updating more quickly at the beginning of the rebuild?

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I have a similar problem with an X23 tape in a vxa 3 drive with autoloader on an 10.4.6 XServe with UL4D.


After suffereing various problems with drive over the past few weeks, Retrospect hung on a newtork backup on Friday. I had to force-quit retrospect, then restart the Xserve.


On restarting Retrospect and trying to continue backup to the same set I received a messages that the set was out of sync and needed rebuilding.


After almost 24hrs of rebuilding on a single tape just 15453 files, 3.8Gb have been rebuilt.


The rebuild went very quickly at first but doesn't seem to have done anything for about 20 hrs. The tape is rewinding and locating in the drive but the file count is not going up.


How long should I leave it before stopping the set-rebuild?





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Well I have this problem also. One more problem with Retrospect.


I have a new backup catalogue and am rebuilding it because I have had trouble with the media.


It is only 2 dvds (about 8Gb) and now it has been rebuilding the catalogue for one and a half hour and says 29.5G (with 10,368 files) and the catalogue file is not about 3 times bigger than the original one. Well, how the devil could 2 dvds have room for 10,000 pictures, mostly tifs!!!!!!!


So what is going on here then? This does not make sense.


I have the latest version and driver for a mac, 10.4.6, loads of ram, a new 110D Pioneer drive.


Oops here it keeps going. I am going to have to stop it




ps I have just checked out the catalogue file having stopped the rebuilding and it has copied each file about 20 times. Please please can someone help me as all the problem I am having with Retrospect recently are driving me mad and I even bought my new driver to eliminate that as a problem. I think Retrospect does not work with my operating system or the latest version has enormous flaws. It used to be great.



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Do people at EMC read these messages? What can I do? It is not my fault?


And it is not our fault, either. I think you misunderstand. These forums are not Dantz support, but instead are other users like you trying to help each other. Occasionally some Dantz people do provide suggestions here, but that's not how the forums work. If you want Dantz support, you get a short period of support when you purchase your product, and support after that is paid, either on a per-incident basis or as a part of the service plan. We've got the service plan, and have found it worthwhile. But don't gripe at us - we are users just like you, trying to help.





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