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Retrospect backing up everything, everywhere

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I have four Mac's running Retrospect Server. I have 18 Xserve/Xraid systems throughout the city. The Xraids house approximatley 300 shares, totalling about 70TB. The contents of each share changes daily, and the Retrospect systems backup incrementally, daily. This has been (mostly) working for years.


On Friday I noticed that it was backing up several hundred GB's; I thought perhaps someone uploaded lots of new material to a share. Today I realize every script that Backup Server is running, on each of the four backup Mac's, connecting to a share on any server, is backing the whole thing up as if it was the first time all over again.


The last time I saw retrospect behave this was was after daylight savings time shifts. I know retrospect can't handle changes in the clock, so I run all my systems on Arizona time, so there's no time change. That stopped retrospect from backing up everything again.


There was no such time change recently. All my systems are locked via NTP to each other, and public time servers.


Why is retrospect so stupid?





dual 500MHz G4's with 1GB RAM and built-in gigabit. 10.3.9 build 7W98


Retrospect version 6.0.204, Device Access 1.0.106, Driver Update 6.6.101

ATTO UL3D, Driver 3.2.0, Flash 1.6.6f0

Termination: Auto

Selection timeout: 250

Burst rate: 512

Fallback Sync: 20 (10)

Disconnect: Enabled

Command Queuing: Disabled

Sync: Enabled

Sync Offset: 62

Sync Rate: 20DT


The loaders are Qualstar TLS-46120 with SDX-700 drives


The fileservers run OS X Server 10.3.9 and Retrospect Client 6.0.110

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