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Just wondering if people can post some example Selectors they've made up. I'm currently backing up 50 odd clients to 300gb drives so have made fairly picky selectors to avoid wasting space. One problem I'm having is remembering to check if things are moving when new versions of the OS are released and new apps installed/updated etc...


Unfortunately by budget backup system doesn't have capacity to backup "everything".


Here's my current Selector, volumes selected are the Users home folder i.e Users/matt/ so the base its working from is the user folder "matt".



I'm currently updating it now & interested in other general office environment Selectors people have made. All Staff know we only backup their Prefs, Desktop and Documents folder and no music files, so if they want something backed up to put it in there. I'd also be interested in knowing how to use paths in the Selector so I can say exclude ~\Library\Caches\ instead of folders called "Caches" as a staff member may have a folder by that name with work in it.



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