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Back-up file getting too large

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My backup file is getting larger and larger (bigger and bigger)

It is incrimental


This is what should be happening.



How do I renew it without loosing the past backups


You can't.



My external drive will soon be full; it the past I deleted it and created a new backup


You will need to do the same thing to reuse your existing file backup set. To keep your current data, you would need to start a second backup set on a volume with sufficient capacity.


If you back up to two different backup sets in succession, alternating between the sets when one becomes full, you will be able to retain your old backup data on Set 1 until Set 2 becomes full, at which point you'd recycle Set 1. Although it would be best if each backup set were on a physically separate drive (so that you don't lose everything when the drive fails), you could use two file backup sets on the same volume, each half the size of your current backup set.

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