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accindentally called member missing

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I accidentally called a member missing (through the dialogpop-up when you want to stop the back-up process)


I know i shouldn't have done it, but i thought the text said that the documents to be back-upped would go along with the next scheduled run. Later i read the manual (stupid thing to do..) and it said i should only do this if a member is really missing (like burned/exploded/or gone to the moon).


My removable harddisks are called 1-back-up_1 AND 1-back-up_2. Those two are my members and sets.

now there is a 2-back-up_1... member in my back-up schedule.

I want it out! But i only get to see back-up_1 or back-up_2 in the edit section.


Now the only thing i can think of is to rebuild my catalog, but i don't know if that really does the trick?


Anyone a clue?

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Go to Configure> Backup Sets> Configure...[name of backup set]> Members. Highlight "1-back-up_1" and click on "Set found." Highlight "2-back-up_1" and click "Set missing."


Then go to Tools> Repair> Rebuild from removable disks. When the catalog has been re-created for the first member, click that there are no more members in the backup set.


Be aware that by doing this, you are possibly throwing away some data on the second member that you want to have. If the files still exist on your source, though, they'll be backed up at the next incremental backup.

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