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Problem with client software

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I run Retrospect 6.1 on an eMac 1.25 GHz machine to backup itself and an iBook (1.25 GHz) and a 15" Aluminum PowerBook (1.25 GHz) to an external Firewire drive. The external drive is physically connected to the eMac and the two laptops communicate with the eMac over an AirPort wireless network. Both laptops are running the Client version 6.1.107 software and all of the computers are running OS 10.4.6. I set up a server backup script and keep it running on the eMac at all times. The script is set to incrementally back up the laptops daily. However, the client software on the laptops seems to turn itself off after running once so that subsequent backups do not reliably run. I am forced to manually launch the client software and turn it back on to allow backups to occur. Is there a way to keep the client software on? I checked the preferences and I cannot find a setting that will automatically turn the client on after the laptops wake up, etc. Should the client software always be active?




Thanks in advance for any advice that you can provide.

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If you are closing the lid on your laptop, Airport will be turned off and therefore the network connection the client is listening on will be severed.

That is probably why your client is turning off.

Unfortunately there is no Wake-on-LAN feature for the client right now althought it has been heavily discussed.

So, in short, yes the client software requires an active network connection.

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