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Problems with client backups

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Hallo everyone,


i have some problems with Retro Workgroup (newest Version on client and Server).

I always the the error -24201 (chunk-size not valid) or something like that. i am using

a german version of retro. so i tryed to use it as an backup server or i do a normal backup.

everything is the same. i initialized the disks i backup to for 2 times and nothing changes.

no filesharing is on the backup disk or something else.


The first backup always went well. When the second incremental backup starts

i geht this error on every client.


I do not know what to do and if i try to recreate or repair the catalog it didn't work.


I have the following setup:

One Apple Mac OS X Workstation with Mac OS X Tiger,

newest Versions of Retro and Retro Client. I have 7 Clients which are backuped

via LAN. The Backup disks are 2 - lacie FW drive and configured as a mirrored raid.


thanx for all tips and help.


i don 't know what to do know!





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if i try to recreate or repair the catalog it didn't work.



Do you mean that you get an error message when you try to rebuild or repair the catalog, or do you mean that rebuilding the catalog didn't get rid of the -24201 (chunk checksum failed) errors?


Can you back up to some other backup set? (If you don't have one, create a new one as a test and try backing up some small volume or subvolume to it.)


In my experience, rebuilding a corrupt catalog usually gets rid of a -24201 error. (Getting an error when attempting to rebuild the catalog may indicate a problem with a particular backup set member.) If rebuilding the catalog doesn't help, there is most likely corruption in some other Retrospect file, the Retro.Config file being a prime suspect.


Try quitting Retrospect and dragging the Retro.Config file from /Library/Preferences/Retrospect to the desktop. Double-click on your backup set catalog. This should launch Retrospect. You will need to enter your serial number again. If you are then able to run a backup without the -24201 error, the config file was most likely corrupt. (You can confirm by returning the config file to its original location and seeing if the problem comes back.)


If this test doesn't solve the problem, run the Retrospect installer to uninstall and then reinstall the program itself.

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>I have the following setup:

>One Apple Mac OS X Workstation with Mac OS X Tiger


There is no such thing as an Apple Mac OS X Workstation, other then as a description of OS X that is not OS X Server. So in addition to your software setup, you need to also describe your hardware configuration.


>newest Versions of Retro and Retro Client


Since your post will live on the internets forever, please provide the exact version number of any sofware you describe. Also, the version of the RDU (Retrospect Device Update) that is loading with the program is critical information for any problem report.


In addition to Twikland's suggestion of a corrupt preference file, the Destination drive itself (including the FireWire bus it's connected to) might be suspect. Knowing more about your host Macintosh might shed some light here.



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