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elem.c-928 errors

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I've got a server throwing elem.c-928 errors on automated backups.


Hardware Info:

800 MHz PowerMac G4 / 768MB Ram / 2 internal drives - one boot, one data

2 external LaCie 500GB (Non-Raid) drives - A and B backups, only one connected at a time

Mac OS X Server 10.4.2

Retrospect 6.1.126

Driver Access 1.0.107

Driver Update


Backup type: File, not secure

There are 2 backup scripts and 2 backup sets - A and B - each one runs for a week, recycling at the beginning of the week and then "Normal" for the remainder of the week. The backups are set to backup both drives, with compression. Users quit retrospect, unmount backup drive, mount alternate backup drive and relaunch retrospect once a week.


When manually executing a backup or manually running the backup script, the backup completes successfully. When the scripts run from the schedule, Restrospect throws the error:

Internal Consistency Check Failed: Assertion check at "elem.c-928"

during backup. It will throw the error sometimes when it's backing up the first volume in the list and sometimes the second. Re-ordering the volumes in the list does not change the behavior.


I have completely re-done the backup sets and the scripts, replacing the old ones and running a fresh backup to the new set with the new script.


I'm looking for suggestions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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