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'Can't access volume, error -120'

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Last week, whilst I was away from the office, my colleague appears to have made some changes to our server, and now Retrospect refuses to backup any of the volumes housed in it.


We run several different servers for different applications, all with Retrospect installed. There's four machines running the client software (one is running OS X 10.4.4, another 10.3.9, and two linux machines) and they both backup perfectly. The problem lies with the main fileserver, which also runs the main Retrospect program. Since Friday, every time it's tried to backup a local volumes, it fails and writes...


'Can't access volume AA London on XRaid2, error -120'


I went to the Volume menu to see what was up, and this is what I see....




...as you can see, everything located on volumes Xraid and Xraid2 are greyed out, and when I try to choose either 'browse' or 'subvolume' it gives me this error...




However, the volumes are definitely there, and otherwise working perfectly.


Also, when I quit Retrospect, it gives me this error....




Can anyone suggest why this problem has occurred? My colleague has gone away for the week, and I'm unable to contact him to find out exactly what he's done to cause this problem...so I'm really hoping that someone on here might be able to advise me how to get things going again!


FYI, I'm using the latest versions of Retrospect from this site.


Thanks in advance! smile.gif



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Um, looks like he unmounted the volumes you need. Why do you say:


However, the volumes are definitely there, and otherwise working perfectly.


What does the "mount" command show from terminal?

You don't say whether the "main fileserver" is running Mac OS X Server or whether it is running Mac OS X non-server. If it's running Mac OS X Server, what does WGM show as the shares and permissions?

Perhaps did he install Mac OS X Server 10.4.6 update? If so, there are problems with AFP in that update - you have to unshare/recreate all of the shares in order to get them to share.


It's not a wise thing to make changes to a server right before you go out of town....

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my colleague appears to have made some changes to our server



Did you ask him/her what (s)he did?


If the Folder "AA London" was deleted, even if a new folder with the same name was created in the same location, Retrospect would still be looking for the original folder.


So, if your colleague copied all the contents of the original AA London to a new folder, deleted the original folder, and then named the new one the same as the original, this is what you'd see.


Whatever happened, you will need to re-define the folders as Retrospect Subvolumes, and reconfigure your scripts to use these volumes as Sources or Destinations.



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