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Retrospect Event Handler

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Does anyone know where I can get a list of Retrospect Event handler commands. I need to run a command to verify Backup Catalog locations before a scheduled backup.


Basically I am backing up to an SMB network share, if the share is unmounted / remounted between backups (e.g. following a reboot) Retrospect forgets the location of the Backup Set and opens the browser window to find it when the backup runs, obviously no good for an unattended backup.

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Does anyone know where I can get a list of Retrospect Event handler commands.


??? Not clear what you are trying to do here, or whether you have the right model for the Retrospect Event Handler.


It's simply an AppleScript file that gets called by Retrospect for each Retrospect script. The "commands" in it are simply AppleScript commands. I think what you are trying to ask is what AppleScript commands are supported in Retrospect, because you could write your own AppleScript commands to issue commands to Retrospect. The AppleScript support is described in the Retrospect 6 Users Guide beginning on page 191. If you want to know the verbs and language used by Retrospect in its AppleScript commands, use Apple's Script Editor to open the dictionary for Retrospect.


Hope that's what you are looking for.



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