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With Daylight Savings Time coming up again...

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This too is a pet peeve of mine. For years I have suggested having the ability to create a selector that can compare modification dates/times. That way, we could choose not to back up files that differ only in having a modification time offset of exactly one hour.


Until that happens, the only workarounds I know are to shift the time zones of your NT machines (users would likely not appreciate that) or to use the time change as the point to initiate a New Media (or Recycle) backup. We do the latter.

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I've also noticed this over the years with our PowerMac G4 backing up a few Mac servers using the Retrospect Client. Friday night a full backup is performed. Monday night an incremental is performed, but ALL the data is backed up again.


Is there a way around this? Restarting the computer Retrospect runs on or restarting the client computers before Monday night?



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