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DVD-R or DVD+R - what are the real issues?

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Hi everyone,


I've been having a lot of fun getting my DVD-based backups working happily, and wonder whether anyone has an answer to this question.


The supplier that I've been using has 8x DVD+R disks and 16x DVD-R disks at the same price. I have the Pioneer DVD-110D optical drive, which can use either DVD+R or DVD-R; I've always used the +R disks because the technology seems to be "recommended" over -R disks.


However, if the media itself will run 2x faster, is there still a reason to go with the +R media? Or are there other reasons to stick with +R?


Thanks for any comments!

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Based on my experience, stick with the DVD+R disks. I believe that format has better support for packet writing, which is what Retrospect does. The 8X vs 16x speed does not refer, as far as I know, to the speed at which packet-writing proceeds. Those speeds mainly apply to the speed at which the entire disk can be burned, as in when one uses Toast to burn the DVD.


If you review Pioneer's specs for supported media, you will find that their 16X DVD burners will burn Verbatim 8X DVD+R media at 12X. At least that is the case for mine, which is a DVR-108 or 109.


I do wish someone would explain whether there is any correlation between the published burn speed (8X, 12X, 16X, etc.) and packet-writing speed.

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