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Can't expand folders in a Snapshot list

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For quite some time (many months? a year?), I've been unable to restore from a Snapshot because I can't expand a folder in the Snapshot list -- clicking the Files Chosen button opens the 2-column Snapshot list window with the first line (drive name) expanded. When I click the triangle to expand a folder, nothing happens.


Until now I've been able to use Search to select the files/folders to restore. But today I really need to use a snapshot of a folder from two days ago.


Although I can't expand (or collapse) a folder by clicking a triangle in the right pane, I found that clicking in the left pane (microscopic folder outline) expands the corresponding folder in the right pane. With enough trial and error, I'm able to eventually locate the desired folder. This classifies as a desperate work-around, not a usable solution.


I first noticed this snapshot problem with Retrospect 6.0.nnn. I just upgraded to 6.1.126, hoping this would correct the problem -- no such luck.


Since I can't find any report of this problem, I suspect this may be a conflict with something on my system. So far I've disabled two tools that have caused conflicts with selected other application -- Unsanity's Application Enhancer (haxie enabler) and Default Folder X. That hasn't helped.


Insight into what may be happening will be greatly appreciated.


-- Ward

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>Since I can't find any report of this problem...


Where did you look?


Here are three threads that can be found by searching the last six months on the word "triangle":








All point out that it's necessary to click and hold the disclosure triangle before releasing the mouse button.




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Thanks, Dave, for the speedy & helpful response to my note.


My searches for "snapshot" and "expand" missed the mark. "Toggle" and "triangle" were clearly the winners.


Click-and-hold-for-a-moment does the trick for a "Restore from a backup" list.


On the other hand, a quick, Finder-like click works fine with a "Search for files and folders" list.


Retrospect developers, please take note:


For these two identical-looking list to have different behavior is a definite usability gotcha.


-- Ward

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Did the two identical-looking lists you tried contain the same number of items?


The full length of the snapshot list was much greater than the full search results.


While the length of the list may explain the difference, I believe it should not affect click detection. Finder has trained us well about how to click list triangles. And Finder doesn't care whether a folder holds 1 item or 5000. The larger folder may take longer to open, but the click to open remains the same.


-- Ward

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