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backup drive too full ... what now?

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OK, I already know I'm an idiot.


My backup drive is too full and won't let me perform another backup, even if I use compression (44mb free space).


So what do I do?


In another thread someone said I should have been recycling. Well, I guess so! But I don't understand how to recycle a file/hard drive backup.


Also, is it too late to do this with my current backup drive? And if so, what are my options, if any?


I'd be grateful for some help here.


Thanks in advance.




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Thanks, Dave.


My first impression is that recycle won't work if I want to keep older versions of files, the point of recycling being to get rid of some of them. I just don't have the time or energy to go through tens of thousands of files to determine what should be kept or not.


Also, that bit about the Options Tab on page 154 that you pointed me to refers to a tape backup, but I only use a file backup to a hard drive.


At this point, I'm wondering about taking the existing backup set and its catalog and off-loading them onto a second hard drive or DVD, and then erasing my current backup drive and starting over fresh, this time with compression, which I (stupidly) had never used. And maybe trying to develop a smarter backup strategy.


But a cursory search for precise directions on how to do this (off-load the backup set to another destination) has come up empty. Can it be done with the result that I could still reliably use that backup set for restoration if ever needed?


Thanks once again.





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