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Advice needed on current backup scenario please

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Hi All,


I'm using Retrospect v. 6.1.126, Device Access Version 1.0.107 and Driver update version running on a PowerMac G5, Mac OSX 10.3.9 with 7GB of memory and 90 GB HDD free space. I'm backing up to a seagate 8 Tape Autoloader with an LTO3 drive.


I'm using Retrospect to backup about 1.4TB worth of user home directories from a locally connected xraid. Things were working ok for a while. But!


I started having a regular Error -108 (out of application memory) during backups. I added an additional 4GB of memory to the system but it didn't fix it. After reading on the forums I noticed the possibility that Retrospect won't attempt to utilize more that 1GB of memory. It appears that because of the large number of files that I was trying to backup on my single volume, in excess of 3.7 million, Retrospect just couldn't handle it. It is now impossible for me to utilize the main volume (home directory) in any way because retrospect crashes every time it tries to scan said volume.


So, my fix required that I create a subvolume for each user in the main volume so I'm now backing up over 100 subvolumes instead. No more out of memory errors and backups seem to proceed normally, even though they now seem to take longer.


The downside to this is that for a restore, I'm not able to choose more than one volume to restore at a time apparently. This means that should I have a catastrophic failure that requires a complete restore, I'll have to do each subvolume ONE AT A TIME!!!! As a full backup takes around 18 hours or so, a full restore would require my physical presece for 24 hours. Not my idea of fun.


So, the question is: have I got this setup wrong? Is there some way to tell Retrospect to restore multiple volumes? Would any of you set this thing up differently? Can retrospect be run from the command line to automate a restore process? Would I be insane to try that?




Any help or thoughts is much appreciated.





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