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I have noticed some large variances in backup performance. Would appreciate any suggestions or tips.


Backup server is a dual 1.33ghz G4 xserve 2 gb ram with 5T xraid.

Backing up 20 dual 1.33ghz G4 xserve 2gb ram over 100mb fiber WAN. retro v6.1


I am backing up sharepoints, no compression, no verification, everything except cache files.


A busy server may have 1 + GB of data(incremental) at 600MB/s one day and 90MB/s the next day for approx. the same amount of data and number of files.


Backups are at night. No know network activity such as scanning or imaging happening during this time. We have 3 xserves on this local LAN and even with these (gigabit switched) we are seeing variances between 100MB/s and 350MB/s.



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Most servers on 10.3.9, a couple on 10.4.3

Retro server v6.1.126

Retro clients v6.0.109 (10.3.9) and v6.0.110 (10.4.3)

Backing up to 5T xraid


Most servers are on different subnet. Several servers on same subnet. This doesn't seem to matter: For example:

Server A on different subnet as backup server

Server B on same subnet as backup server


Monday Server A backs up 2 GB in 20 minutes, Server B backs up 2 GB in 2 hours

Tuesday Server A backs up 2 GB in 1hr 45 min Server B backs up 2 GB in 30 mins

In both cases the number of files and amount backed up are approx. the same.



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