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I am finally able to start backing up and one of my puters is acting up. It is an older G4 and disk utility is saying that the hardware has failed some SMART dudad and is suggesting that I back up as much of the drive as possible and then replace it.


My question is this:


Once I have it backed up and I put a new drive in, how do I restore the stuff back onto it? A blank drive will need to have the OS installed before I can do anything so how do I do that? I have heard something about restarting the computer in "target" mode but I don't know anything about it. Are there any procedures on how to use a backup to restore it onto a fresh drive, now that I finally need it?




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My question is this:...



Have you read the Retrospect User's Guide?


Browsed through it?


Looked at the pictures?



There are many variables in doing what you want, and you'll be better served by asking for help after you've done at least a minimum of research on your own.



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