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"no tape storage devices found" error msg

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Retrospect 6.5.350

Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP1

Dell PowerEdge SC420

2.53 GHz, 1 GB RAM

Iomega REV 35/90 IDE


Backups were working successfully with Retrospect and the REV drive until a recent power outage that outlasted the UPS. After power was restored, I found that Retrospect behaved as though I had first installed it and that I had lost all my Retrospect scripts. Somehow I did not have the config65.dat or config65.bak files backed up. I didn't mind recreating the scripts, but when I tried to add members to new backup sets, I got the error msg "no tape storage devices found" (Backup Sets > get properties on a backup set > Members > Add). If I go to Devices > Configure, I see the REV drive listed, and when I insert a tape, it appears and I can erase it successfully. In Windows Explorer, I can see the drive, and I can format it, and I can view the contents of it (lots of Retrospect Data files number 002 thru 017 and one Retrospect Data file that is unnumbered). This isn't a compatibility issue since the drive has worked successfully in the past. I tried reinstalling the REV system software but that didn't help. Indeed, Windows sees the REV drive successfully but Retrospect does not. If you have any suggestions for how I can resolve this problem, please help -- thanks!

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