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Scripts don't start when not logged in

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Hi, I'm quite new on this forum. I arrived here because I meet some problem with Retrospect 6.1.126 installed on a Xserve dual G5 running OS X Tiger 10.4.4.

Several scripts are scheduled, but only one executes per day. The server is running 24/24 7/7, and I rarely open a session on it. When I do it, I log in as admin through Apple Remote Desktop. So Retrospect always runs at night when no user is logged in. Most of the time everything is running smoothly. But sometimes, scripts don't launch, until I log in on the server, and at that time all the scripts that were waiting, launch sequentially.

It looks like the script launcher doesn't wake up. I'm not sure, but it is not impossible that this hang happens when I log out from the server.

Did somebody already have this problem?


Thanks in advance

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The process that Retrospect uses to launch scheduled scripts is a pure unix daemon called 'pitond'


This process runs as root, and is active all the time no matter the status of the Aqua Finder.


The Retrospect application can run either behind the Loginwindow program (the screen you see before you log in) or in a running Finder session.


Logging into the Finder shouldn't have any effect on Retrospect (if it's not already running unattended). Do you have Retrospect as a Login Item for this account?




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Hi Dave,


I'm not sure whether I clearly understand your question. Do you mean: is Retrospect automatically launched when logging in the account? If so, the answer is No.

About the daemon, it is called RetroRun, right? It is indeed always running, and is located in the /Library/StartupItems/



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