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Automated snapshot removal if over certian number of days.

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We have a small problem with our backups filling all of our drivespace up. Is there anyway to have snapshots over 30-60 days be removed by Retrospect? Or, perhaps a better solution exists. The trouble is that we need daily backups, then after 30-60 days (or less), we dont need the snapshots anymore. We use 6.1 server for Mac.





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There is no way to remove specific backed-up files, including snapshots, from a backup set.


You need to devise a different backup strategy. One possibility would be to perform normal, incremental backups to two different backup sets. Use Backup Set A for a month; then switch to Backup Set B for the next month. In month three, recycle Backup Set A and then follow with normal backups. In month four, do the same with Set B, and so on. This way, you will always have backups going back at least 30 days (right after a recycle) and up to 60 days (just before a recycle).

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