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I am running 6.5 retro on Linux redhat ES 2.1, the backup is running fine and it is backing up almost all the files that needs to be backed up, however I am getting the following errors on some of the files :


File "/exlibris/sfx_ver/sfx_version_3/app/apache-2.0.52/logs/access_log": different modify date/time (set: 2/20/2006 11:21:03 AM, vol: 2/20/2006 11:46:53 AM)


File "/exlibris/sfx_ver/sfx_version_3/sfxlcl3/logs/apache/error_log": different modify date/time (set: 2/20/2006 11:23:03 AM, vol: 2/20/2006 11:32:25 AM)


Anybody has any clue why I am getting this error and how serious is this error and how to fix it? I would be very appreciative. Thanks

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The errors are harmless and are simply informational. Your Apache logs are changing while Retrospect is doing its backup, and Retrospect is letting you know. You can either:


(1) not back up the logs (use an appropriate selector) so that Retrospect doesn't give this error, or

(2) stop your Apache system prior to doing the backup, do the backup, restart the Apache system (so that the logs cannot change during the backup) (you can script this to happen automatically); or

(3) ignore the errors, recognizing that they simply indicate that the logs are changing during the backup.



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