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Anyone unable to boot from Retrospect 6.1 Boot CD on Oct 05 15-inch Powerbook

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I made a post about this problem a few weeks ago that was left unresolved. Since then, I've done more investigation and I wanted to report my findings and see if others have this same problem.


I created a Retrospect 6.1 Boot CD by downloading the .dmg file from the Retrospect site. This CD will not boot my October 2005 15-inch Powerbook. All I get is a blue screen even after 50 minutes of churning away. This CD will, however, boot my old DVI 15-inch Powerbook without any problem.


I took the CD to an Apple Store and tried to boot one of their October 2005 15-inch Powerbooks with it. I encountered the same problem I had with my own machine. It just didn't work.


It would be helpful to know whether other owners of these Oct 05 15-inch Powerbooks with the dual layer DVD burner are also unable to boot their machines with the Retrospect 6.1 Boot CD. If others are having a similar problem, then Apple and/or Dantz need to take a look at this.


Also, it would be helpful to know if Dantz - during its testing - was able to boot into Retrospect with this CD image on this machine.


Thanks. Robert

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From EMC/Dantz KB article #8122 ("Retrospect 6.1 Bootable CD"):


The Retrospect 6.1 product CD now provides bootable Mac OS X disaster recovery. The Retrospect bootable CD allows users to recover from a disastrous computer failure by booting the computer from the CD, opening or rebuilding catalog files, and restoring from the backup media. This feature is supported with all Macintosh models that support Mac OS 10.4.0.



Looks like it may require an updated boot CD because your model isn't supported by Mac OS 10.4.0 (which is on the boot CD). I updated the Retrospect boot CD image with SoftRAID 3.3 and ATTO drivers (needed by our setup's boot drive) and it worked fine on our Xserve G5, though, so it does seem to work as advertised on Mac models that support Mac OS 10.4.0.


You might be able to cobble together your own by transferring the appropriate files onto an image of your install CD.


Regards, Russ

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