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Retro 6.1 VERY CONFUSED - Please help

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Just moved to Tiger (10.42 & 10.44 Systems) and Retro 6.1


Very confused reading the ReadMe


I've read and re-read the paragraphs below (see quote) and Just don't comprehend....

Could someone please explain???


-Does this mean if I restore a volume every file on disk will be set to current date/time?

-Does this issue apply to "normal backups" or just Duplicates?

-Does this mean every file is 'recopied' if I run a Duplicate script a second, third, fourth...time


-In the line:

"the volume incorrectly sets the attribute modification date to the current date and time."

Does this mean any backup-restore operation will reset the modification date of the SOURCE file on the SOURCE DISK to current date or time? does it effect the file on the destination volume.



Can someone explain what extended ACL's are (i'm new to Tiger, ... I've assumed this would be any file property, or comment, keyword etc. that you set.)


FURTHER: Would changing a label color effectively change the ACL's??




"NOTE: Any time you copy a file with extended attributes or ACLs to a volume (for example during a restore or duplicate operation), the volume incorrectly sets the attribute modification date to the current date and time.


This means that Retrospect will copy all files with extended attributes or ACLs during the first backup after a restore AND during EVERY duplicate operation, since the attribute modification dates will no longer match. Apple has been notified of this issue and is working to resolve it."



thanks in advance

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