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Upgraded client, now backup wants to backup ALL files

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Our file server was recently upgraded from OS 9 to OS X and I replaced the version 5 client with the version 6 client. I wanted to continue adding incremental backups to the same backup set I was using under OS 9 and not re-backup the stuff that was already backed up, but now backup wants to do all of the files, not just an incremental backup. I thought the problem was that the new client had a different name, so I re-named the version 6 client so it has the same name as the old version client, but it still wants to backup everything. I am backing up over a network using the same network computer to do the backup as I used before. In other words, the computer doing the backup was OS X before and after I upgraded the computer to be backed up to OS X. I thought about entering a selector to eliminate files modified before the last backup, but that might leave out some files because we may get files from customers that we just recently received, but were produced before the last backup. Does anyone know why the backup is wanting to re-do everything and if there is a way around this?

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Does anyone know why the backup is wanting to re-do everything and if there is a way around this?



Retrospect uses multiple criteria to match files; if any of these file attributes change, Retrospect considers that the file is different and needs to be added to the Backup Set.


When you updated the machine from OS 9 to OS X, every file took on new file attributes. This "i-node" information is where OS X stores user and group permissions, and some other file information.


Retrospect correctly sees that each file is new enough to warrant a new copy.


Perhaps if Retrospect had a preference to ignore unix information this could have been avoided, but then you wouldn't be able to restore files with proper permissions.


I'm fairly certain that this is noted in either the ReadMe file or the User's Guide.



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Thanks for your reply. I see what you mean about the files now having new attributes and now understand why they all would re-backup now. I had pretty much resigned myself to the necessity of this and am now in the process of backing up to a new backup set. Oh, well, better too much backup than too little, I guess!

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