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Any reason NOT to migrate RS WinPro to a ProxMox Windows VM?


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I've been running Retrospect Windows Professional on this desktop computer for a number of years.

It's time to retire this computer. I'm replacing the interactive functions with an HP enterprise laptop... which will not always be here.

(Context: I use it for three things: interactive media conversions, Retrospect backups, and Blue Iris security cam software.)

I now have a rather nice "Home Lab" consisting of a pair of nice SFF computers, each running ProxMox software with various VM's.

I've not yet run any Windows VM's but am about to. The hardware easily supports virtualizing everything from network cards to nVidia GPU, and can run those either truly virtualized or assigning the hardware to a specific VM if necessary. So far, that's NOT been necessary (even for my router/firewall software which gets gigabit fiber throughput to the internet even on a fully virtualized NIC.)

I *very* much want to run Retrospect Windows Pro in a VM. NO other changes. This will enable me to eliminate this physical desktop computer, and still run our network backup (5 clients.)

Having read through various threads here, I suspect it might possibly not work too well... but am not certain. I know that Retrospect Virtual is NOT the solution.

Anybody have experience or thoughts on this?



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