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Retrospect V17 with macOS 10.15 Catalina and Sources

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Sorry for asking a question that I'm certain has come up previously but my searching didn't find the answer(s) I was looking for.

I finally gave in and upgraded my OS from 10.14 to 10.15 in order to stay current with security updates.  I started my first backup since the upgrade yesterday and found that I didn't get a backup of my hard drive because the Source "Macintosh HD" now has 2 instances and both were unchecked.   I selected what I thought was the newer instance and re-ran the script and it's now backing up the entire disk, rather than just the incremental changes.  Looks like I'll have to recycle this backup and start fresh.

Is there any documentation on how best to deal with the 10.14->10.15 changes in Retrospect?  Is it any more straightforward in V18?

In a related question, is there a simple way to refresh the list of Sources that will remove those no longer available?

Thanks for any help,


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