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Applicability of v17 fixes to earlier releases


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On 5/22/2020 at 2:55 PM, rfajman said:

Does anyone have any idea of how many of the numerous fixes listed for v17 also apply to earlier versions of Retrospect, rather than being for bugs introduced in v17?


It's first worth noting that two Engine improvements in Retrospect 17.0.0 are for "10x Faster ProactiveAI" and "Restore Preflight".  Years ago you were talking about using Proactive, and administrators have been screaming for Restore Preflight for years.  Three out of the four Engine improvements in 17.0.1 are for Remote Backup—which was a new feature in 2018 but has suddenly received administrator attention because of COVID-19 Work From Home, and the other Engine improvement is for Restore Preflight.

Second, let us consider the 17.0.1 bug fixes that doubtless apply to earlier major versions of Retrospect Windows—as per the cumulative Release Notes.  These are easy to identify, because bug #8547 is a "milestone" that was identified by Tech Support the same day 17.0.0 was released (it's debugging code that was erroneously left in on 3 March).  There are 14 bug fixes in 17.0.1 with numbers lower than 8547; these must fix bugs in 16.6 and earlier.

Other than #8547 itself, that leaves 16 bug fixes in 17.0.1 that may be for bugs introduced in 17.0.0; OTOH they may instead be for later-discovered bugs in earlier major versions.  Of these, 7 bug fixes are for Storage Groups, a feature designed to work with Proactive that was not changed in 17.0.0.  Of the remaining 9 bug fixes, 1 was for NAS Shares (3 "fixes" in 17.0.0) and 2 were for ProactiveAI and 1 was for Restore Preflight.  That leaves 5 remaining bug fixes for Backup and Install and Configuration and Rebuild, which could have been for bugs introduced in the course of un-noted 17.0.0 changes.

So the short answer is that at least 21 bug fixes out of 31 in 17.0.1  also apply to earlier versions of Retrospect, not bugs introduced in 17.0.0.

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