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3 of 4 selectors work - 1 doesn't --- WHY????


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I have a selector as follows, that pairs up with a script and a Retrospect of the same name:


I just discovered that only the first three selectors actually result in files being backed up.  My DATA drive filesystem looks like this in part:


I keep all transactional-data type files in a separate folder for each year.  Top level folders 2019 and 2020 are just normal Windows folders, and the selector script for each is the same.  So why is this script NOT selecting folder 2020? 

(As part of my "data hygiene" I start a new TransactionDATA dataset every month, and then groom after six months.)

I will just say that selectors have given me more grief than any other part of Retrospect.





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MY ERROR.   😬 

It's complicated. Or maybe not, but still overlooked.  I FORGOT TO ADD /2020 to my source "TRANSACTIONDATAgroup."  Having done that, this script works as expected. 


I was doing some experiments.  Given my Source as a "group" it turns out I don't even need the "include" selector, just the two "exclude" selectors. 

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