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Windows Backup client 16.5.0 is OFF, no way to turn it back on


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One of my clients stopped backing up and I just examined that system.  The backup computer doesn't detect this client, The Retrospect client says that it is OFF, but there is no apparent way to turn it on.  Specifically the ON/OFF line shown on p. 303 of the Retrospect 16 UG simply does not appear in the main window for this client.



I clicked on ALL the client tabs, but I could find no way to turn the client back on.

I don't know if it's just my client system, but the Retrospect client seems extremely slow to respond.  Every time I clicked on a tab, I got a Windows spinning blue circle for about 15-30 seconds.

There is no way to open Retrospect Client Preferences, as described at the top of p. 303.  I suspect that this section was not updated for Windows 10 (and maybe not properly tested?).

What do I have to do here?


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Mac screenie, but repeated mentions of Windows -- I'll assume you've got Windows client problems...

See if you can find your current client version. Uninstall it, restart the client machine, re-install using a fresh download from here -- personally, I'd start with the most recent ( and, if that was still problematic, work my way back version by version. If you don't want to re-register the client with the server you could take a punt and simply re-install over the top of the old client.

I've just installed the latest client on a clean, up-to-date, Windows VM without issues, so it looks like something specific to this instance rather than a generic Windows problem (but I don't deal with Windows much, so I'm probably wrong...).

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The screenshot in your OP is simply a copy of the only one on page 303 of the Retrospect Windows 16 User's Guide, and says it is of the Mac Client.  The Windows Client screenshot you probably should have included is on page 304 of the UG;  it has a Protected by Retrospect checkbox line instead of an On / Off button line.  Mac windows have three round buttons at the topmost left, whereas Windows windows have three square buttons at the topmost right.😀

Do what Nigel Smith suggests above, except that I'd suggest Forgetting the "client" machine from your "backup server" beforehand (page 290 of the UG) and re-Adding afterwards (pages 281-299 of the UG).  Unfortunately you'll then have to re-enter and re-arrange the "client"'s list order  (pages 177-178 of the UG) in all Scripts that use it.  I used this procedure the other day, as recounted in the P.S. of this post in a Retrospect Mac 9+ thread.  Also consider updating your "backup server" to Retrospect Windows; it was released yesterday, but the Retrospect Windows and Mac Clients are still for 16.5.1.

As far as the updating of  the UGs is concerned, that hasn't happened—except for the "What's New" chapter that is over-written with every major release without previously being copied into later UG chapters—since Retrospect Windows 9 was released in 2014. A couple of years ago Tech Support, replying to my Support Request, told me that the august Documentation Committee intended to get around to updating the UG.  In order to get StorCentric management to approve the one person-week that I estimate would be required to do that, I suggest sending a snail-mail to the Chief Technology Officer:


    Attn.: Mr. Rod Harrison, CTO

1289 Anvilwood Ave.

Sunnyvale, CA 94089


Please include in the envelope a round piece of paper with "TUIT" written on it, as a suggestion that Retrospect "Inc." should "get around to it".🤣

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Deleted first paragraph and part of first sentence of second paragraph, which was intended to be humorous but came out as mildly insulting
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So I solved the problem.  First I uninstalled the old Retrospect client, using Revo Uninstaller.  That utility does a much  better job than the normal Windows feature to completely clean out files and registry entries.

Then I did an install of the new client (using Revo to track the install.) I did not have to remove the client from Retrospect.  After the client install, all my backup scripts worked properly for this client.

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