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File properties changed - Did Retrospect


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I just changed the various Windows date values for a range of photo files, to correct for the camera clock being set for the wrong time zone.

Retrospect did not back up the actual files again, since the contents (photo RAW files) were not changed.  But did Retrospect back up the new Windows file date values?


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Look at pages 362-367 in the Retrospect Windows 16 User's Guide, and see if you can figure that out.

You might have to check-mark the Set Archive Attributes option per page 364, Restore those photo files, and change the Windows date values for them again to cause the files to be backed up again.  Then again, I might not know what I'm talking about. B)

P.S.: Wait a second, aren't those file date values stored in the Snapshot entry for a file?  If so, then Retrospect would have updated all of the entries on the next Backup run.  I know that because, as a holdover from when I was having a problem with -530 errors, I  schedule a "sacrificial" script run before each "real" Backup script run.  The "sacrificial" scripts specify the No Files Selector (Rule for Retrospect Mac)—meaning no files are actually backed up, but they spend about 3 minutes "creating snapshot" and "copying snapshot"—evidently for each file on my MacBook Pro's SSD.  And yes, "Windows Selector Conditions" on page 440 of the UG says:


Date (Windows) uses Windows-specific date attributes as conditions.

P.P.S: For Retrospect Mac administrators who may be reading this, Snapshots are the "crazy Mrs. Rochester in the attic we're not supposed to talk about".  Back around 2000, first Unix-based OSes and then Windows developed this capability which the industry has termed a "snapshot".  Thus when Retrospect Mac 8 was developed in 2008, EMC documentors decided to drop the use of the term "Snapshot" for a  different capability that had been in Retrospect since the late 1980s; however the terminology in Retrospect Windows has never been changed due to "unfortunate events" in 2009-2010.  DovidBenAvraham used to have this described in the Wikipedia article, but other meanie WP editors made him remove this as Original Research.  So you'll have to sneak over and read about Retrospect Snapshots on page 31 of the Retrospect Windows 16 User's Guide.  But don't talk about them, even though you can hear "Mrs. Rochester screaming" every day in messages issued by the Retrospect common underlying code.;)  "Mrs. Rochester" doesn't "burn the house down" as in Jane Eyre; in fact Snapshots are a vital part of Retrospect Mac as well as Retrospect Windows operations.  Pages 229-230 of the Retrospect Mac 16 UG say "Retrospect now uses the term backup to include both session and Snapshot data." B)  BTW, APFS offers "snapshots" in the industry-standard sense, so the EMC documentors were prescient.

Edited by DavidHertzberg
P.S.: Snapshot, updated on every backup run, stores Windows-specific date attributes; P.P.S. on the "Snapshot secret"—rephrased per Jane Eyre
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