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System partition restore failed with lots of 1017 errors; how to do it right next time


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When I couldn't get my existing Windows 10 Pro install to boot, I had no choice but to do a Retrospect volume restore.  (Windows geek warning:  my problem was that the BCD Store got corrupted, so the boot manager got confused.)  Summarizing the problem the restore failed with lots of 1017 errors.  I need to know what to do diffrently so next time I have this issue I can do a successful restore.

So I followed the instructions in the manual:  I did a fresh install of Windows (after wiping the disk clean).  Then i installed just Retrospect 15.6, and did the volume restore, including system state.  After the restore my system did boot up OK, but there were lots and lots of problems.  Most programs would either not start or start and then stall.  Even re-installing a few programs didn't help.  The search/command box on the bottom left of the main window didn't work.  That means I couldn't open up a CMD window, which in itself is a serious issue.  Most desktop shortcut icons didn't display their graphic.

I could post the error messages from this install but I can easily summarize by saying that I got 120 error messages.  Most were for 1017 errors.  Most were for specific C:\Program Files folders.  But one error message included "and 52 others" so I don't really know which folders were affected.

So I tried doing just a Files and Folders restore, just the latest version of files..  Here is just one issue:  Whereas the volume restore was 79 GB, doing the Files and Folders resulted in a total of 85 GB files that either didn't need to be restored or did need to be restored.  After this restore, most desktop icons displayed correctly.  But the search/command box still didn't work, nor did some programs and Windows control panel items like some Administrative Tools would not run.  So i'm stuck doing a completely fresh install, but I want to be smarter about this in the future.

I went to the website knowledge base and found this explanation, but I couldn't get the Preferences to run.  So once I create my new windows install and install Retrospect, how do I set the configuration?  if it matters, my user account is administator status.  Also if I have to restore a windows partition on a client system, do these same considerations apply?

Retrospect 6.5 and later includes an option to configure Retrospect to run under a specific user account. This should allow a backup of a mapped volume without needing to modify the launcher service.

Go to Configure>Preferences>Security. Configure Retrospect to run as a specific user.

Note: Users in a Domain should enter the domain name in the "log on to" field of the security preferences. If you are in a workgroup environment, enter the local computer name into the "log on to" field.

You should also go to Configure>Volumes. Get properties on the network volume and configure it for automatic login.

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