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Catalog rebuild only uses 262 of 5000+ RDB files?!


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I wonder if anybody has an idea I can try. I'm stumped and support's closed for the day.

I have a backup set  with :
(1.4GB) catalog file.
*  1.7GB of backups in 2.3 million files, 527 sessions, 132 snapshots.
* The backup set has around 5000 *.RDB files.

I went to groom and the groom failed. Now I need to rebuild the catalog.

PROBLEM: no matter what I do, the catalog rebuild only scans the first 262 RDB files?!!!

I have:
* Rebooted
* Deleted the old catalog file
* Checked all permissions

Any ideas MOST welcome!


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I solved it, and learned a few things along the way.

I finally examined to see what was so special about 262 files... and discovered something I probably should have noticed before: the folder contains TWO sets of *.RDB files!

AA*.rdb and AB*.rdb -- AA*.rdb is 262 files. I am guessing it is what had been built during the failing groom, **even though** most of the files have a create and modify date that's quite old!


* I split out the AA*.rdb files into a separate folder and am rebuilding a catalog on those just to see what's there

* Then i'll rebuild the AB*.rdb files

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Very interesting...

* The AA*.rdb files are from mid- May 2018 and today

* The AB*.rdb files are from June 2018 all the way through until today

* Somehow they were both in the same folder and Retrospect was not upset... but it sure was upset now!

AA rebuild finished

AB rebuild under way...

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