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Disaster Recovery Disk creation: LOTS of missing info


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I'm recovering from a boot drive disaster on my Retrospect  Desktop system :(

Didn't have time to make the DRD before the disaster, but apparently I can do so afterwards.

I have several crucial questions about undocumented and/or missing features.

The most basic:

1) In Win10, can I do a correct bare metal restore from retrospect backup *without* a DRD? If so, is there any document describing or giving hints on this?

2) From forum comments (but nothing I see in the documentation) I am guessing that I don't actually need the full Win ADK installed, just the Windows Preinstallation Environment? Is this true?

3) It appears that there was intent (in 2015) to auto-find the copype.cmd file; that did not happen. It appears to be in "<install dir>\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Windows Preinstallation Envrironment" - correct?

4) There is a bland reference to "any drivers or packages that you would like to add to the ISO image should be placed in the following directory before creating the ISO image." There are no hints on what drivers might be needed.

I use IRST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) control over built-in firmware RAID1 for a system data drive... that contains the Retrospect Catalog Files.
- Do I need to discover what drivers or packages are needed to make this work during disaster recovery?
- The drive letters for these devices are NOT the default drive letters that would show up if just installing devices in random order. Do I need to find a way to assign drive letters during disaster recovery?

5) From forum comments, it's inferred that one disaster recovery disk could suffice for an entire network. Is this true? If not, what other considerations are needed?

Thanks for any hints or pointers. Much pain here until I work this out!

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Answering some of my own questions:
#3 - I was correct on the location. Looks like the devs never got around to fixing this
#4 - I downloaded the latest "F6 floppy boot" version of IRST drivers, which is used for various pre-config environments. It appears to have worked nicely. Just drop the ZIP file contents into the folder recommended by retrospect docs, and the drivers get loaded. My network drivers and config appear to have correctly auto-config'd and auto-loaded

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Answers to the rest... and a new document coming :)

#1 No, a DRD really is needed.
#2 True. Only need WinPE environment from the ADK
(#3, #4 see above)
#5 DRD's need to be carefully maintained. It's likely you will not be creating just one. Certainly not one "for all time." ...

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