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rdb files


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The .rdb backup set files contain the files, snapshots, and if a appropriate the system state for system volumes for the backup.

The .rbc catalog files contain the catalog (index) for what is stored in each .rdb file.

A backup set could run to several terabytes of .rdb files so it is far more efficient when searching for items to restore to use the much smaller .rbc catalog files which only contain file metadata. If not it would be necessary to sequentially read through the .rdb files to find the required item.

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The .rbc files do not have to be in the same folder tree or even on the same volume as the .rdb file. When the backup set's .rdb files were created a .rbc must have existed.

On 6/11/2018 at 7:48 PM, cmelias said:

I recently had to repair catalogues from rdb files. I could not use the catalogues until I repaired them.

Are you saying you had existing Catalogs that did not work or the Catalogs were missing?

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