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?corrupt data file - how to fix in 12.6


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Running a routine backup script from a network PC to a NAS, I got this error message:

15/12/2017 09:31:54: Verifying DATA (D:) on ***-*********
		Grooming Backup Set ***-XPS8900, optimizing for storage...
		[*] SegSkipRecordsInBuf: invalid record 0x3a002000 (: ) and count (1,124,090,368); error -1010 (API request bad)
		[*] SegSkipFileStartInMem: invalid record 0x3a002000 (: ) starting fragment #12 @508,366 in AA000077.rdb; error -1010 (API request bad)
		[*] ---grxLogFlush: can't record updated databytes for fdex 77 (AA000077.rdb), error -1101 (file/directory not found)
		Groomed 850 KB from Backup Set ***-XPS8900.
		Grooming Backup Set ***-XPS8900 failed, error -1010 (API request bad)
		You must recreate the Backup Set's Catalog File.

I rebuilt the catalog file and reran with the same error.

Backing up the C: drive from this machine and backing up another PC with a similar script both run with no issues.


I presume there is an error in AA000077.rdb, which is one of three files from a backup in May 2017. Can I just rename it or is there some way of fixing it?







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The only solution I have found is to delete the corrupted .rdb file — in your case AA000077.rdb. Once the file has been deleted rebuild the Catalog file during which Retrospect will give a warning about the missing .rdb file. Grooming should now run to completion on the Backup Set as long as there are no other corrupt .rdb files. If there are then repeat the procedure.

What I will add is that by manually deleting a .rdb file the integrity of the Backup Set is now compromised. When I have encountered this in the past I have as soon possible afterwards retired the Backup Set and transferred its contents, less what is in the missing file(s), to a new Backup Set.

I have not found a way to directly repair a corrupt .rdb file but it is sometimes possible to recover the active contents of the file, if you really need to, by doing a Transfer Snapshot for the appropriate date to another Backup Set. 

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