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Retrospect Client 13.5.0 installation failed

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Hi everyone,


I am trying to re-install Retro Client 13.5.0 (173) on to an iMac and every time I run the installer you get all the way through to entering the client password and then get a screen saying Installation Has Failed.




– We had a problem recently with this iMac where it would not start up. We ran disk utility (all OK), Disk Warrior (all OK), tried starting in safe mode (didn't work). In the end we had to start from the recovery partition and re-install OSX (11.6).


– Before the above, Retro was working perfectly well on this machine.


–  After doing the above, Retrospect could not find the iMac Client on the network.


– I have run the uninstaller and searched for any other Retro files, including old trying to delete old files listed on the web for Retro 8, 9 and 11 in Terminal (none of these were found anyway).


– I have tried creating a new user account and installing through that but it didn't work.


– I have removed the (iMac) Source from Retrospect Scripts and Sources (on a separate Mac Mini).


– I have quite Retrospect and stopped the Retrospect engine (on a separate Mac Mini)


None of the above worked.


So... Before I end up re-formatting the iMac (which I really don't want to do due to existing user accounts and Parallels setup)... Can anyone advise what might be going on? Can anyone supply instructions to manually remove Retrospect 13 Client? Can anyone help!!


Thanks in advance,


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Great, so my only reply is spam trying to sell me Nike shoes!!!



No, the spam—written by a new registrant who obviously doesn't speak English and lately seems to always have a Forums name ending in "Snazy"—is clearly trying to get you to click on one of the links at the bottom—and thereby install malware on your computer.  As I've pointed out a dozen times when reporting such posts, and even in a Support Request, Retrospect could prevent such posts by not allowing automated registration of people whose e-mail addresses don't match any e-mail address on a prior Retrospect license.  But that's too complicated for Walnut Creek (insert appropriate smiley here).

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