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Scanning incomplete, error -625 (not enough memory)

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Windows 2008 R2 (x64), 32 GB RAM

Retrospect Server (x64)



CentOS 6.9 (x64), 192 GB RAM

Retrospect Client (x64)




~3.1 TB size

~4,615,606 files


Yes, it has over 4 million files, but it had been backing up fine until September 1st (and another backup with over 9 million files has been working). The folder hasn't been touched in months, so nothing in it has changed.


The client has plenty of memory free (over 100 GB, actually). The system itself hasn't been giving any errors. 


The log on the Server just says this:


- 9/8/2017 3:06:18 AM: Copying /backup/folder on server.local:
Scanning incomplete, error -625 (not enough memory)
The log on the Client just says this:
9/8/2017 3:06 AM: Script "2017-09-Backup" (SERVER): /backup/folder, Execution incomplete
I noticed that it starts to scan the /backup/folder and then around ~2 hours later it gives up.
What's the best way to figure out WHY it suddenly doesn't have enough memory?
What are the limitations for Retrospect 10.5? 
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Xenomorph may want to look at this thread.


Yeah, I had checked out those threads.


* Both the Client and Server are x64 executables.


* The Retrospect Server is configured with 4 execution units, and currently has over 20 GB free memory. 


* The Retrospect Server's C: drive has over 1 TB of free space.


I'm going to try the backup again one more time, then just split it into two backups.

I was hoping there was some way to figure out how a 64-bit system with over 100 GB of unused RAM running a 64-bit application could be "out of memory".

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