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Scanning Incomplete, Error -625 (not enough memory)

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I am receiving this error when I am backing up our home directory to Tape. Running 11.5 for windows. Server is an HP DL350 Gen5, Windows Server 2008 Standard, 4GB RAM, 1TB drive. It happens at random intervals. Sometimes it will backup the directory with no problems, other times it will not backup at all, failing with the -625 error at the scanning stage. Other times it will error out in the middle of the backup run. I have used the resource monitor and physically watched the backup and the used memory never gets about 50%. I have increased the page file size, not much change. The OS is a 32-bit version and will only recognize the 4GB I have installed. Is it possible that it trying to use cache memory and running out? I'm chasing this around and it did not happen with the older version (7.7)that we were running on this same server. Any ideas? (I'm already pushing for a new server with 64-bit OS and lots of RAM). Thanks.

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khudson should definitely look at the "–625 (not enough memory)" section on page 526 of the Retrospect Windows 11 User's Guide.  Since the Forum he/she has posted in implies that he/she is running a Server version of Retrospect, I would definitely recommend reducing the number of execution units as suggested in the last paragraph of that section—even if he/she is actually running in only 1 execution unit.


Being a Retrospect Mac administrator, I'm a bit out of my depth on some of the issues here.  However I've also gained a certain amount of experience using Advanced Search for these Forums, which is accessed by clicking the gear icon at the extreme right of the same top line that says "IPS Community" on the left.  To find posts mentioning the -625 error, type "-625" including the quotes (apostrophes also work) in the Find Words box.  To find posts discussing any version of Retrospect Windows, select "Windows Products—Retrospect" in the Find in Forum dropdown.


This thread may be of interest, especially post #5 by Mayoff.  The last paragraph of that post says "Retrospect is a 32 bit program, so it can't use more then 2 GB of physical RAM.", which seems a bit obsolete in 2017.   However, because I don't know if a 32-bit version of Retrospect Windows is automatically installed on a "backup server" running on a 32-bit machine with a 32-bit version of Windows, I also did an Advanced Search on "32-bit" (including the quotes).  This thread may be of interest.


khudson should also look at this Knowledge Base article.  Although that article was last updated in March 2015, the second paragraph under "Further Tips" may still be applicable if he/she does in fact have a 32-bit version of the Retrospect "backup server" installed.  But the first and third paragraphs may also be helpful.


In any case, the World Computer Manufacturers Association is highly in favor of khudson buying a new server (insert appropriate smiley here).

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So it seems the problem was more the file server being backed up rather than the server hosting the Retrospect software. It seems the amount of free hard drive space on the file server drive was the cause of the -625 memory error. Total size of the home directory was 500+ GB. Free space on the drive was usually around 20-30GB. It would fail on scanning the drive the majority of the time. When I was able to free up to 40GB, it ran flawlessly. No changes were made to the Backup server. Not sure if this will solve the problem for anyone else having this issue, but it worked for my situation. I tested this multiple times, and it worked every time. As long as the client had more than 40+GB free (may have worked with less, but that is what I used for a target size), it would execute the script as it should. BTW.... I have since installed a new 64-bit Windows 2012 server!

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