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Random failing of autolaunch

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Twice this month Retrospect has failed to autolaunch for an unattended backup. This system has been running for 6 months with only one other odd behavior where the unattended backup once stalled.


After logging into the backup computer and launching Retrospect the automated tasks that were scheduled for that morning then begin to run automatically.


The last time this happened the machine was restarted (about a week and a half ago) and things were fine to this point.


What mechanism controls the unattended backup launching (I assume this is the RetroRun component) and what could cause it to fail?


I have looked in the Retrospect log and System Log and don't seem to see any errors around the time Retrospect is set to launch. However in the System.log it seems that there is always trouble pre-binding:






/Applications/Retrospect 6.0 -> /Retrospect/Contents/MacOS/RetroRunSL.app/Contents/MacOS/RetroRunSL


Some times this is successful and sometimes it stops the attempt. It also mentions that RetroRun changed since the last time it was prebound.


Ideas? I know there are newer updates but haven't had the window to install them yet.




System Config:

Mac OS X 10.3.3

Retrospect Server 6.0.193

RDU 5.4.104

Client 6.0.108


CPU is G4 450 MHz. Dedicated to Retrospect.



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