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The "Product Suggestions" _election_ we didn't know was going on

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Apparently Retrospect Inc. will pay no attention to anyone's thread in the "Product Suggestions—Mac OS X"  sub-forum unless it gets some kind of up-vote .  On 12 December 2016, in response to a letter I snail-mailed to Mayoff,  I received an e-mail through a Mayoff account that was signed by JG Heithcock, CEO, Retrospect, Inc..  In it he says in a paragraph "From reading your letter, I think the main issue is that you view the forums as a good place to talk to us, Retrospect, Inc. But we view the audience of the forums as restricted to our customers [my emphasis]. The one caveat we have made on that is for feature requests, largely as we would like to see if other customers also agree on the desirability and feature set for these requests [my emphasis]."


Mr. Heithcock followed this paragraph with one quoting the forum rules.  Given that he did so, and that I have not signed any kind of non-disclosure agreement, I have no hesitation in making his paragraph above public.


What does Mr. Heithcock mean about feature requests?  Is he looking for Likes?  Is he looking for additional posts by other users in request threads, pro or con or in-between?  I intend to phone Mayoff on Monday, and see if I can get an answer from him.

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I phoned Mayoff early this afternoon.  He says that Retrospect Inc. is not looking for Likes or additional posts in a Product Suggestions thread.  Instead he says they have some kind of database for product suggestions, and they check that plus look at the discussions forums.  I intend to make sure that any Product Suggestion thread I start in the future has at least one link back to a forum thread discussing the problem the suggestion is designed to solve.

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