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[Retrospect 10] Client machines listed in Sources, but server doesn't think they exist?

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Out of nowhere, Retrospect Server 10, over the two weeks, is constantly "forgetting" about clients/sources that are listed in the application. Just noticed it again as I started getting reports from users that they're getting alerts they haven't been backed up in 10 days. Retrospect Server lists all of the client machines under Sources, but that's as far as it goes.


• Reports to registered them (I have several reports for listing clients that haven't been backed up in 1 day, 3 days and 1 week. Even though these machines haven't been backed up in three days (in Sources, each client shows the last backup date of 3 days ago), the "haven't been backed up in 1 day" report doesn't list them.


• When I run a manual backup on any of the clients, Retrospect just searches for the clients, never finds them, and the script ends with an "error -530 (backup client not found).


- I've restarted the Retrospect Server engine

- I've restarted the Retrospect Server itself

- I've restarted the Retrospect Client software (on client machines)

- I've restarted the Retrospect Client machines




- I can ping the client machines from the server

- I can ping the server from the client machines

- When I click "Add" (a source), all my client machines show up as found sources on the network

- If I "Test Address" it returns the information as it should.


Yet, all with all of the above, if I try and back up any of these machines, it fails.


The only way I can get these clients backed up is to remove them from Retrospect, and add them back in again.


I've now done this three times in two weeks. Which means, in two weeks, these machines have only been backed up a handful of times (instead of nightly).


I've already wiped Retrospect 10 (the machine, completely) once this month already.


Now, the only thing I can think of is that DHCP has something to do with this. All the clients that Retrospect can't find get their IP addresses via DHCP. I have two servers I also back up, and they have static IP addresses. No issues backing them up. But, anything that uses DHCP, those machines get "forgotten" by Retrospect.


If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears...


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