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Retrospect 11.5 autolaunch


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Hi all,


I have a windows 10 box that just updated to the 1607 build. I also recently updated to 11.5. For some reason, the autolaunch feature is now broke. I have done the disable + reboot and re-enable + reboot. Retrospect is set to run as a specific account (to fix a problem with access network shares). and I have turned off UAC for that account. (These were the main items I saw in the forum posting and a google search.)


I did notice that the launcher is running as the local system account. Perhaps that is the problem I will tweak that and test in a moment. 


Anyone else seen autolaunch issues with 11.5 or Windows 10 1607 build? 

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ok I got it to work.


Found a thread titled Retrospect not starting automatically for scheduled backups.


Looks like the key was to have secondary launcher running and leave retrospect to run as logged in user and change the user on the retrospect launcher service. I also have UAC off.


Ah the joys of Windows updates....

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