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To Cloud or not to Cloud

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What a coincidence. I was just looking into storing Disk Media sets in DropBox when Retrospect announced version 13 with Cloud backup.

The good thing is that I'm sure I'll be able to somehow store an backup offsite. But I'm not sure which way to go.


My Disk Media Set is aprox. 600 GB in size and slowly growing.


(By the way: is Retrospect capable of forecasting how much PUT/GET/LIST/DELETE actions will be needed, based upon previous backups made?)


If I go for DropBox, I can get 1 TB of storage for € 99 per year. And that's it. No fees for uploading or downloading.


If I go for one of the Cloud providers, I'll have to pay somewhere between € 25 and € 50 per month according to the calculators.

Although I have absolutely no clue about the number of PUT/GET actions I need. 

Compared to DropBox, that's a big difference in price.


Advantages for the Cloud providers are the seeding and large scale recovery options.

Uploading 600 GB to DropBox will take a while, but downloading could be relatively fast using a 100 mbits download.

If I asume that it will take at least until the next day before my hard drive with the backup would arrive, I can download those 600 GB also in the same time.


Security wise I think DropBox will be as secure as the Cloud providers, because I can let Retrospect encrypt the Media Set contents.


Any thoughts in this? I'm curious about what others think and If I'm making wrong assumptions. 

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