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backing up to hard drive then to tape

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we have recently ungrade to Retrospect 6.0.193. running on a Mac OS X machine. What I'd like to know is if it possible to have retrospect back up all the clients to a hard drive volume and then backup the hard drive volume. links would be appreciated.




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This is called "staging."


Retrospect allows you to do what you ask, but not in as sophisticated a way as it should.


You can backup to a File Backup Set on the hard drive, and you can then back up the contents of that hard drive to a Tape Backup Set.


But the next time you run a backup, the File set will only grow by the amount of new data on the sources. But the Tape set will need to copy the entire file again, effectively copying the some of the same data again.


Depending on how you set things up, this can eat into time/tapes.


Doing Recycle Tape backups mibht help keep things under control.



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