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Getting Error 530 - Backup Client Not Found - but Configure Volumes Shows TWO volumes


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First, I have to say that I am a reasonably sophisticated home user backing up a LAN of mixed desktops and laptops, all running Windows 7 64 Professional. That is, I'm not a professional network administrator like some of the other guys on this forum, so if I'm missing something "obvious" please understand.


Recently I've been getting this error message when backing up client systems.  Sometimes this happens when the client is either off the LAN or powered down, but that is not the case now.  What is happening is that for two clients, there are TWO Drive E: and TWO Drive F:.  In this past, I have seen this duplication when replacing or upgrading drives or even deleting and reformatting partitions but I haven't made any such changes recently.  In the past, the "old" drive is shown as light grey, so it's obvious which drive is the "old" one. That makes it easy to update scripts.


Now, BOTH drives are shown as dark grey/black.


So I tried to forget both Drive E: and both Drive F: for one client.  the Drive F: seemed to reappear by itself in the Configure > Volumes window.  That was six hours ago.


I just checked the Configure > Volumes window and the "missing" Drive E: is now there.


Can someone explain all this to me. :huh:   





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