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RSP 7.7.620: Rebuild catataglogue not possible


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Dear knowledgeables,


I had to recreate my Windows partitions due to severe problems (BSODs of many sorts) after september patch day.

I did not feel that uncomfortable because I had a full backup on an external disk just 3 days old.

Howver - getting the files back was and is a nichtmare:

Because the backup-catalogues are store on the system disk (RSP does not tell about this) it was gone after re-installing W7-SP1 x64.

There is the function Tools > Repair Catalog, which I followed - but in a first attempt I had no success: "No Backup Sets found on tht disk - try another"

Hä? The file structure is this:

    Backup Set A\
      1-Backup Set A\
      Dantz (this file is empty, has no attributes and no extension)

Researching this forum did not help. Finally I found http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/76969-why-are-some-disk-backup-sets-not-recognized/

I renamed the rdb files to AA... and could rebuild the catalogue and eventually could restore necessary files (most user settings).

The pertaining laptop is now 6 years old and I already was in the queue of getting a new one with an SSD and another external disk.


On the new laptop again I need many user settings from the previous running system (pre-beckup). Hence I copied the whole S:\Backup\ folder from the old external disk (which is quite slow) to the new external disk (which uses USB-3 and hence is much faster). I do not intend to restore everything, but might need to restore things even in the near future (after the 'old' system has gone it's own ways).


After installing Retrospect 7.7.620 on the new system I hoped to be able to reconstruct the catalogue also on this system.

But NO - I get the same nonsense message "The selected disk does not contain any Backup Set data files...".

The file structure is the same as on the old one - except that now right from the beginning the files are named AA000000.rdb etc.

    Backup Set A\
      1-Backup Set A\

So why the heck are the backup files (*.rdb) not found?

What is the hidden agenda to re-build a catalogue?


Can anybody enlighten me?

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The trick is having separate copies of your catalog files.

Consider creating separate duplication jobs for your config file and catalogs, so they are available as normal files (not a backup set) in the event of a Disaster.

See the User Guide > CH10 Management > Catalog & Config backups

and User Guide > CH10 Management > Moving Retrospect.



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JoTraGo, You may imagine that I have studied these sections before I decided to ask here (according to RTFM). However things do not behave as intended by the user:

  • Whether I have copied an old catalogue to C:\Users\Klaus\Documents\Retrospect Catalog Files or this is an empty directory, the Recreate Catalogue insists on not finding Backup Set data files (*.rdb) on the external disk which contains 579 of them...
  • The tough thing is that I no more can access these old files on my old laptop's external disk due to new backups which overwrote those files. But the copies on the new laptop's external disk are absolutely the same (except the creation date which of course now is the date of the copy task).
  • Although I'm a seasoned Windows user (not to speak of IT in general) I'm still puzzled by the cluttered /intransparent storeage of pgrm settings and depending data. Hence I did not know (before setting up the new Windows system on the old laptop) which data to hunt for.
  • That said it was my fault not to back up the catalogues (mine was about 300 MB for the full backup) ...

So my problem remains: how to recreate a catalog from the collection of RDB files aka Backup Set A?

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Just a long shot, but one thing that I admit confuses me every time with retrospect whether creating or accessing backups sets is figuring out exactly what to point to.

I get the impression that Retro wants you to point to the "Parent" folder. It then creates the subfolders with Backupset names etc.


When rebuilding catalogs from the raw Backupset data try specifying the folder ABOVE the one with the backupset name.

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