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Error 519 - non-stream packet too large

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I'm working on upgrading all my linux clients to the 10.5.x version of the RetroClient. Typically I have not removed the retroclient.state file, but on one it just happened for some reason. Anyway, as I'm trying to add the client back into Retrospect Server by IP, the test works fine showing the client name, IP and version; but when I click "Add" I get the message "Sorry, couldn't add the backup client, error -519 (network communication failed)". This is a virtual machine on a VMWare environment like all my other clients. I have tried removing the state file again, completely removing all files related to retrospect and installing again and I'm getting the same results no matter what. One difference that I wonder if it is related, the server is under heavy load. Swapping that load elsewhere isn't currently an option. 


I see others in a physical network have moved their machines around and found that there was some grumpiness in the network that caused this error. I'm in a virtual network so that seems an awkward diagnosis.


What should I be trying to get this client reconnected? 


In my /var/log/retrospect.log file I get the following each time I try to add. I have the log level turned up to 9 for this.

2015-10-14T15:08:55: NetCheckNewInterfaces: Handle 10 open
2015-10-14T15:08:56: NetCheckNewInterfaces: Handle 10 closed
2015-10-14T15:08:56: connListener: starting thread connAccept
2015-10-14T15:08:56: connListener: Handle 8 open
2015-10-14T15:08:56: SThreadSpawn: starting thread 1532163840
2015-10-14T15:08:56: Remote connection established by X.X.5.192:55964
2015-10-14T15:08:56: connSetOptions: Changing TCP_NODELAY from 0 to 1
2015-10-14T15:08:56: NetSockAdd: adding socket 8 to interface 2
2015-10-14T15:08:56: *** netPrintList: interface =
2015-10-14T15:08:56: ***               socket 6
2015-10-14T15:08:56: *** netPrintList: interface = X.X.65.43:0
2015-10-14T15:08:56: ***               socket 9
2015-10-14T15:08:56: ***               socket 5
2015-10-14T15:08:56: ***               socket 8
2015-10-14T15:08:56: connTCPConnection: conn = 1207962272, code = 112, tid = 0, count = 4
2015-10-14T15:08:57: connTCPConnection: conn = 1207962272, code = 112, tid = 0, count = 4
2015-10-14T15:09:00: connTCPConnection: conn = 1207962272, code = 104, tid = 0, count = 36
2015-10-14T15:09:00: connLogin: successful
2015-10-14T15:09:00: connTCPConnection: non-stream packet too large: 229185216
2015-10-14T15:09:00: NetSockDel: removing socket 8
2015-10-14T15:09:00: connDoLogout: logged out
2015-10-14T15:09:00: connAccept: socket 8 deleted from interface 2
2015-10-14T15:09:00: sThreadExit: exiting thread 1532163840
2015-10-14T15:09:00: NetCheckNewInterfaces: Handle 8 open
2015-10-14T15:09:01: NetCheckNewInterfaces: Handle 8 closed
2015-10-14T15:09:05: NetCheckNewInterfaces: Handle 8 open
2015-10-14T15:09:06: NetCheckNewInterfaces: Handle 8 closed


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