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Non-incremental back-up error (Backing up everything every time).

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Hello there.


I've tried searching for this, and I'm just not getting the words right or something. I know I can't be the first to encounter this.


Anyway, I've got Retrospect 6 (Workgroup); just under 20 clients; hosted on a B&W G3 (350Mhz) with 640 MB of RAM.


The jist is this: Retrospect is backing up everything every time. One of our guys ('Nick') has just under 40 GB on his drive, and Retrospect wants to back up all 40 GB each time. Nick's a busy guy, but he's not doing 40 GB of work in a day (even with heavy graphics, he's not doing 1 GB).


Where do I begin? Where do I start for fixing this?




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