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Users Guide for V10 still references config77.dat instead of confgs.xml file

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Looks like config77.dat finally got replaced with configs.xml as per the release notes for V10.0.1.103:

Engine: configs.xml, which replaced Config77.bak for speed and robustness, does not import all settings including client volumes and network subnets (#5316)


Looking at the Retrospect V10 Users guide and it references config77.dat instead of the new XML configuration file on page 462:


Moving Retrospect

If you ever decide to switch backup computers, you must do more than just install

Retrospect and your backup device on the new machine. You must move some other files

to the new backup computer in order to keep Retrospect’s preferences, clients, catalogs,

scripts, and schedules intact.

To move Retrospect to a new backup computer:

1. Install Retrospect on the new computer.

2. Copy the Catalog Files (with name extensions .rbc and .rbf ) from the old backup

computer to the new computer.

3. The default location that Catalog Files are saved is ..\My Documents\ Retrospect

Catalog Files.

4. Copy the configuration file (Config77.dat) from the old backup computer to the

new computer.


On page 463:


Configuration Backups

Retrospect’s configuration file contains your client database, scripts, schedules,

preferences, custom selectors, and other important information. Retrospect uses the

configuration file, named Config77.dat, located in the folder in which the Retrospect

application resides or at the path:

..\Documents and Settings\All Users\

Application Data\Retrospect\

Each time you exit Retrospect, it automatically saves a backup copy of Config77.dat in a

file named Config77.bak. You should back up this file regularly. If your active configuration

file (Config77.dat) is ever lost or becomes corrupt, delete it then open Retrospect, which

creates a new Config77.dat from the Config77.bak.


And a few other places. Can someone from Retrospect give us some more information on the new XML configuration file, how it's used and if the old Config77.dat file is even used anymore with V10? Is there going to be an updated Users Guide with this information?




John MacGown


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I ended up logging a support ticket with Retrospect to get some answers. Here is their response:


Details on the new .xml file can be found at:




Please make sure you are using the 10.0.2 version of Retrospect, since it contains bug fixes related to the .xml file.


Yes, both of those files are being used by Retrospect 10.


I am not sure when the user's guide will be updated.  I will remind our documentation team that this is missing from the docs.



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